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Breakfast bar

Had to return to a customer’s house today. The concrete kitchen worktop had to be replaced due to several fractures. The top of the breakfast bar had to be removed to allow access for the fitters. On chatting with the customer she was telling me how impressed her friends are with the Breakfast Bar I designed, especially the six foot pull out extension.

On working and using new designs it is very important for me to work with the customer. New designs are prototypes therefore upgrades or adjustments may be required. It amazes me the number of items on the market that have terrible design faults.The one that always comes to mind is a certain vacuum cleaner. Not mentioning any names, I just think of it as a dinosaur!!!

breakfast bar 2

There may also be unforeseen problems beyond my control. Consideration has to be taken from all angles. When the extension table was pulled out and used for the customer’s young son, he had a tendency to jar the top from side to side. This then caused the runners to widen, causing excessive side movement and a possible rupture, if he yanked hard enough.

When constructing I try to visualise all possible challenges that may occur. In this case because the runners where workshop constructed which allowed tolerance and adjustment in any direction, I could compensate. Plus I allowed an area to house a horizontal bracing bar, which will link from one runner to the other. Creating a box like section protecting the threat of carcase damage.

Extension tucked away